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Tools for Summer Camps

By April 1, 2022 April 4th, 2022 No Comments

Summer Camps are Here!

Summer Camp advertising, announcements, and registrations are in full swing.  As such, now is a good time to evaluate the tools that are available to you to help you promote and monetize your Summer Camp partners and advertisers.

Our summer camp tools (which work for any business or vertical type) include all of the features listed below and we’d be happy to schedule a demo to review:

  • Promote and Generate Additional Revenue from your advertisers.
  • Create a list page that Lists All Summer Camps.
  • Customize the information that you collect and publish about your summer camps using Features.
  • Invite existing customers to edit their listing with New Announcements and Summer Deals.
  • Invite new customers to Create a Listing on your site.
  • Feature premium listings in Collections.
  • Use collections to curate groups of listings.  For example, easily Showcase All Sports Summer Camps.

If you already have direct relationships with your businesses, we have the functionality that allows you to bypass the checkout and still manage premium subscriptions directly through our platform.

If you’d like to schedule a demo to review or discuss any of the above, please reach out to us at