The Complete Media Solution

Our event listing and promotion platform provides media companies with everything on their wish list in a single, easy to use, integrated calendaring solution.

  • Responsive Portals and Widgets
  • Auto-Populated Listings
  • Full Editorial Control
  • Built-In Monetization
  • Custom Reverse Publishing
  • Private Label Ticketing
  • Rapid Phone & Email Support
Customizable Settings

Customizable Settings

Our portals and widgets offer 100+ ways to adapt to your site, enabling you to achieve exactly what you have in mind.

Portals & Widgets

Your site will look great with our responsive portals and widgets providing relevant local content.

Your audience will love being able to easily discover and promote local events on your site.

Your team will appreciate the full editorial controls, role-based permissions, supplemental analytics, and submission approval tools…  and the ability to roll it all out with a single line of text on your site.

Auto-Populated Event Listings

Any calendar requires a critical mass of listings for it to become a go-to event discovery and promotion site.  This is a time-consuming and often endless task.  We do that heavy lifting for you.



Generate new revenue streams using our proven, built-in monetization tools—including self-serve and directly sold options.

Built-in options include listing enhancements (such as video), featured and premium packages, calendar sponsorships, regional syndication, targeted email campaigns, voice skill promotions, and more.  Easily add custom promotions such as guaranteed print, social media posts, or on-air mentions.

Reverse Publishing

Our robust reverse publishing features ensure that your team can rely on a single repository for all of your publishing needs—whether online, in print, through email, or over the air.

Our platform allows you to custom select the content you want to export as well as the layout and field formatting.   It works with any layout software, integrates your own paragraph and character styles, and can be output in nine file types, including plain text, rich text, tagged text, HTML, HTML as text, RSS, XML, JSON, and PDF.


Begin your own branded ticketing service using our full-featured, private-label ticketing option to allow any event to create, manage, and sell tickets.

Leverage your team’s advertising expertise to help sell tickets while enabling venues and event organizers in your area to keep revenue in the community, support local media, and work with an organization they know and trust.


Customer Service

Talk to someone when you need to.  Phone and email support is always included.

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