Event Submission

When you submit your event to CitySpark you take full advantage of our extensive network and gain access to our powerful promotion options.


Event Promotion

Submit your event or select it from the existing list, and then you will be able to select from all of our promotion options.

You can also access the promotion options by finding your event in the calendar, clicking to open it, and selecting the “Promote” button in the bottom right corner.


Increased Visibility & Reach


  • Use our one page, easy and intuitive submission form
  • Provide your own image or select one from our library
  • Include up to three videos (available with Enhanced, Featured or PremiumĀ  Listings)
  • Provide your own ticket link or use our platform to create and manage your tickets


  • Get featured at the top of the calendar and on homepage widgets (with Featured or Premium)
  • Include a 300×250 dispaly ad (with Premium or Display Ad)
  • Enjoy permanent visibility in the sticky header and on widgets (with Sponsorship)


  • Provide your listing automatically to all sites powered by CitySpark
  • Syndicate your listing to all of the other sites within 50 miles (with Event Listing Distribution)
  • Target specific interests, demographics, and locations (with Direct Email Campaigns)
  • Get precise in your geo-targeting (with our Geo-Fenced Mobile Ads)
  • And more!