Auto-Populated Event Listings

We do the heavy lifting.  You get the credit.

Our event engine patrols more than 100,000 sites on the web 24/7 finding, processing, and delivering to your site all of the events in your market.   Your site will have the content to be a go-to source from day one—letting you focus on what you do best.


Bringing Order to the Chaos

As you well know, event listings are scattered across the web, messy, incomplete, unstructured, often duplicated, and each seemingly formatted to the unique whim of its creator.  Oh, and they are perishable—so the job is never done.

This is where we shine.



  • Identify original listing sites in market
  • Run parsing engine 24/7
  • Detect and parse each event field by type


  • Screen out private, unwanted, and inappropriate events
  • Standardize dates, times, locations & more
  • Remove or merge duplicates


  • Geo-tag all events with lat/long
  • Classify events into 500+ categories
  • Add images from our library where needed
  • Track user activity and event popularity


  • Human-review and approve all events
  • Auto-populate event listings to your site

Event Sources & Partners

Local Sources (100,000+)

Local matters.  You’ll get all the local events from your local sites—museums, performing arts centers, music venues, theaters, colleges, community centers, cities, convention and visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, libraries, and everything else!

National Partners (20+)

We also partner with more than 20 national sources for A-list and regional events (Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, etc.)

You Maintain Control

Integrated user submission platform and robust editorial tools

User Submissions

Users and admins can easily submit additional events using our intuitive one-page submission form.

Editorial Control

Maintain complete, real-time editorial control of all events–edit, filter, block, promote, approve, deny, enhance, label, and more. Be as hands-off or hands-on as you like.