Product Update

CitySpark Offers Custom HTML Event Exports for Newsletters

By August 17, 2022 August 24th, 2022 No Comments

It is becoming critical to include events in newsletters


CitySpark’s custom HTML export enables publishers to automatically get community events from their website into their newsletters. As publishers increasingly look to email newsletters as a channel to reach audiences, it has become critical to efficiently include the same content that would be found in other channels in these newsletters.

CitySpark offers a number of options for retrieving and incorporating local event listings into email newsletters, including HTML, RSS, XML, JSON, text, tagged text, and rich text options. The HTML option is the preferred option for complete customization around styling and formatting preferences, and can also be fully automated using the unique URL generated for each export template.

Whether you are an existing customer or a would-be customer, contact CitySpark ( to learn more about how the CitySpark platform can help incorporate community events into your newsletters.