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CitySpark Offers Tools for Monetizing Newsletter Event Listings

By October 10, 2022 January 6th, 2023 No Comments

It’s now easier than ever to automate the monetization of events in newsletters


Utilizing local event content in each of your channels, including newsletters, is key to maximizing its value.  When event content is included in newsletters, it generates some of the highest click-through rates and correlates with a boost in traffic and engagement.

Event organizers value such opportunities to promote their events directly to a wider audience.  As such, many, when given the opportunity, will opt for promotion add-ons which include exposure in your newsletters.

CitySpark offers tools to easily include, and monetize, event listings in your newsletters, including:

  • Custom Feeds. Multiple feed options that allow for automatic imports of a curated lists into newsletters.  Each feed can be customized according to your own curation criteria and formatting needs.
  • Self-Service Purchasing. Custom, self-serve promotion options that enable event organizers to purchase whatever newsletter offers you want to provide.
  • Workflow Tools. A workflow with features allowing for easy notification, tracking, and fulfillment of purchases.

Contact the CitySpark team ( to learn more about monetizing event listings in your newsletters.